December 23, 2017


I have always loved birthdays. The celebration, wishes, prayers, and also presents! Maybe it is the way I was raised make me enjoy birthdays so much. My parents - my dad especially, will try to fulfill my wishes and turn it into the best day ever. 

"What do I want for my birthday?" is honestly my favorite question hahaha. I would think thoroughly three months in advance about what should I get. 

I remember getting the cutest crocs sandal in pink because apparently, it was the thing that all 12 years old should have. On my 14th birthday, I asked for a concert ticket from my dad and that was how I got to see B2ST, 4Minute and G.Na. When I got into uni, makeups have since been a constant addiction and now you can see my priorities have changed hahaha.

On my 21st birthday, I couldn't celebrate it with my family because it was in Week 14 and I was busy with assignments and final tests. My parents called a day before, saying sorry they couldn't come to see me at Shah Alam and I didn't really mind because I had so many things to do.

Oh yes, I had two final tests and a final presentation on my birthday sobs. I was excited for my birthday in the first place but I just wanted to get everything done with. I had no plan whatsoever.

So, few minutes before 12am I facetimed my dad and my sister. They wished me and I had a conversation with them and I was asked, 

Ayah: dah dapat bunga ke belum?
Me: takde siapa nak bagi la ayah

Anyway, I did not find anything suspicious. I just thought my dad was being sarcastic to me so I continued studying after they hung up. Suddenly my housemates turned off the lights..


I didn't know if I was wearing the sash right hahaha

My friends showed up with a huge bouquet of flowers, a crown, a sash and a cake! I was like OMG GUYS??? You have no idea what my face looked like when Bella told me these. were. all. planned. by. my. parents. Like, wow I had no idea my parents can pull of something like this??? My 50 years old parents??? Crieeeeeees. No wonder he asked whether I already got them!

Well few months before, I joked with my dad saying on my birthday, I will get myself a bouquet of flowers and a crown because I have no boyfriend to get me one hahaha. Little did I know, my dad is THE boyfriend :')

I was so touched that my dad paid attention to my petty joke. He asked my mom to contact my friends to get help from them. I read their conversation on WhatsApp. When my friends were asking my mom to choose the flowers, she said, "tak kisah mana-mana, asalkan kakak happy." Oh my God.

I cried, of course. This meant so much more than a huge celebration and presents. It was more meaningful to me that my parents planned all these. Despite the constant feeling to drown myself in a pool during the busiest week in the semester, I wouldn't have it in another way. It was nice to be reminded that I was loved and remembered when I was super exhausted :')

Last year, my friends surprised me at my house and they teamed up with my parents. This time, my parents teamed up with my friends! Hahaha. May Allah grants the highest Jannah for both of them for always making me feel special in every way. Forever thankful, sooo blessed. Alhamdulillah.

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